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Winning Project

Quebec (Cecobois)

  • Photo : Denis Désilets
  • Photo : Lucien Lisabelle
  • Photo : Lucien Lisabelle
  • Photo : Lucien Lisabelle
  • Photo : Lucien Lisabelle
  • Photo : Lucien Lisabelle
  • Photo : Denis Désilets

Located in the heart of the city of Saint-Adèle, this centre of more than 440-m2 can now play host to an array of events, in keeping with the various uses it is designed to serve: meeting place, forum and cultural showcase. The covered esplanade adjoins two architectural volumes – namely, the Rousseau-Vermette hall and the service hall, which includes a visitor information desk.

The particular topography meant that it was possible to stack the two multi-purpose halls, with one opening on to the gardens and the other being directly linked to the square and park. The window system offers a view onto the glue-laminated framework, which has been left exposed both inside and out. This timber structure is well adapted not only to the curves of the roofs but also the spans serving to define the hall spaces.

In full awareness of the issues surrounding sustainable development, the project team paid particular attention to the choice of materials (exterior siding in pine) and street furniture, both of which were manufactured locally, as well as to natural lighting and landscaping. The thermal performance of the building’s skin and mechanical equipment also weighed in the design choices. Assembling the prefabricated wood structure in winter conditions generated no work site waste.

The value of the post-and-beam structure as well as the glulam roof and balcony decking is $600,000

Winning Project Quebec (Cecobois)

  • Institutional project under 1000 M2

  • Sustainable Development

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