Maicasagi Bridge


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Quebec (Cecobois)

  • Photo : Nordic Structures
  • Photo `: Nordic Structures

Located in the Nord-du-Québec region, the Maicasagi bridge is the longest single-span wood bridge in the world. Its designers developed a bold structural system that combined cross-laminated timber with glue-laminated timber to create two huge box girders. This innovative structure not only enables 180-ton logging trucks to travel over a 68-metre-long clear span but also secures access to areas north of the river.

The cross-laminated timber is made up of glue-laminated black spruce boards laid perpendicularly to one another. The boxes were assembled in the factory, shipped by truck to the Maicasagi River and connected to the girders directly on site. Initially, plans called for building a steel bridge but because of a tight delivery time, the decision was made to build a structure entirely of engineered wood. Indeed, thanks to the prefabrication of the wood structural components, it was possible to comply with all criteria and deadlines, as well as facilitate assembly on the building site. Plant production lasted only five weeks from start to finish.

The wood siding was chosen carefully with a view to protecting the main structure and maximizing the bridge’s useful life as a result. At the time of construction, a major technical challenge arose from the decision not to sink a support in the river so as to limit negative impacts on the environment.  This achievement is certain to serve as a model for other road projects locally and elsewhere.

The total cost of the structure was $3 million. 

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