Grande-Pointe Railway Station


Winning Project

Quebec (Cecobois)

  • Photo : © Stéphane Groleau
  • Photo : © Stéphane Groleau
  • Photo : © Stéphane Groleau
  • Photo : © Stéphane Groleau
  • Photo : © Stéphane Groleau

The Grande-Pointe railway station, recently rechristened the Gare du Massif de Charlevoix, was built along the St. Lawrence River and offers clients of the Train Léger de Charlevoix (a tourist train and shuttle) direct access to the mountainside ski resort.

Several components of this project recall the rural architecture of Charlevoix, including the region’s rustic barns and rough wood outbuildings. Larch, left natural, was used to cover the building, which will grey with time. Wood-slat walls allow slivers of light into the interior, much as with other regional structures. The yellow pine platform, the spruce decking and fir panelling are just a few of the many elements made from locally harvested materials.

The project blends with the outstanding regional landscape on account of its simplicity, intrinsic relationship with the river, and choice of materials.

The cost of the wood components was approximately $100,000, out of a total budget of $1 million.

Winning Project Quebec (Cecobois)

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